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Welcome to the best and original mixtape site!  This is where you can find all the newest music before anyone else.

  Any other mixtape site out is an exact copy of the original that started in 2002. Check out our huge selection of free mixtapes from various genres such as hip hop, r&b, reggae, west coast, down south, blends, and much more.  Top industry recording artists can be found on here such as Gucci Mane, Jadakiss, Young Thug, Eminem, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Chief Keef, Mac Miller, and plenty of others.

     We know that not everyone has the latest and best performing computers, so we do you a favor and encode all mp3 tracks with a variable bit-rate.  You can be sure that you are receiving the best quality and performance with a variable bit-rate.  It also helps to save storage space on your computer or mobile phone.  Most of these other mixtape sites that have no clue what they are doing, encode at the highest bit-rate of 320Kbps.  This is not needed at all because these other sites are very unprofessional what they are doing.  This unneeded bit-rate can really slow down and hamper your computer's performance because not everyone has the latest up-to-date computers.  Some of us are just fine with a computer that is a few years old all when it works just fine.  The variable bit-rate will save you much needed space on your mobile phone as some of us like that storage space for other things, such as games, pictures, and videos.  No one wants mp3s hogging all the space because these other sites are dumb and do not care to fill your phone up with unneeded, overkill bit-rates.

     We are always updating our site to bring you the latest hit music. Buymixtapes.com has numerous connections with only the hottest DJs.  We also give DJs and artists the opportunity to fill out an application for a free upload account, so you have the chance to be on the best mixtape site around.  All streaming and downloads on our site are free.  There is no charge at all, but if you would like to check out what some of our premium benefits are, you can go here to find out more info.  Some of the benefits of a premium membership are no wait between downloads, no download speed limitations, and the ability to add your favorite mixtapes to a custom play list for easier access.  This is also very beneficial on mobile devices.

     As stated before, we were the first to bring you mixtapes on the Internet.  It did not take long before people came to copy us, they even started sites that sound very similar to the Buymixtapes.com name brand.  We are the only web site to not cram up your browsing experience with unwanted ads.  We take pride in our web site graphic design and hope you enjoy your browsing experience. Our customer service is also the best at providing you help and support when needed. Buymixtapes.com has and always will give you the best, professional listening experience.  Many of these other sites do not take care of their users, as you can tell with most of their track listings looking very poorly done.  We are sure to tag up the most recent titles with the proper artist, song name, and cover art.  Our premium membership is well worth the price.  Our server is not free, as we do not carry many ads.  If we do decide to carry ads, it will only be on the free downloads in the preview area.  Premium members will never had to deal with annoying ads.

     One of the best features about our site is that we only deal with the best DJs, so you can rest assured you are receiving the best product.  Another great feature is that the music you are listening to is from some of the best artists available today.  These DJs ensure you are receiving the best quality mixes they have to offer and playing you the hottest tracks.  Some of these titles are even better than an artist's retail album!

     Our site is also mobile compatible, so if you find yourself on the go, just plug your headphones into your mobile device.  No extra app is needed that just takes up unwanted storage space.  All you need to do is load your mobile browser, type in Buymixtapes.com and you are all set to go, it is just that simple!  No need to hunt and search for an app on your mobile device as you will always know where it is by locating your mobile browser.

Some of the great features of mixtapes

     If you ever find yourself becoming bored of the same old music, just log-on to our web site and check out all the newest releases.  We always have a fresh selection of the newest hit tunes.  Many of today's top music artists release music to the streets through mixtapes so they can get a feel for the type of feedback they are receiving.  Some artists that fail to keep a street buzz may even be dropped from a major label.  Many unsigned musicians use mixtapes as a way to get their talent heard.  You can be sure that by using our site, you will always be in tune with the latest news and newest talent to hit the streets.  With us, you will always be connected to the latest buzz in the music industry just by using your Internet connection.  No need to find out from other sources. Please do us a favor and be sure to tell your friends about the best music site out right now.  We take care of your musical needs, so please tell a friend about us!

Have a look at our blog when you get a chance for the lastest mixtape reviews and updates.  If anyone ever wants to write for our blog, stop by our 'Contact Us' page and drop us an e-mail.  We will definitely consider any blog writer inquires.