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This is the best of the best in free mp3 download sites the internet has to offer.  We bring you one of the nicest layouts with no annoying ads or pop-ups, so you can be sure your browsing experience on the site is an enjoyable one.  Here you will find music by leading industry recording artists such as Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, Beyonce, Mila J, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, YG, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Future, French Montana, Max B, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, and so much more. All of this is offered to users free minus the unwanted junk advertisements.  Who even takes the time to even bother with that garbage? The only way these companies make any money is if someone is fooled or accidentally clicks a banner.  If you install ad-block software, then these web sites will whine and complain with even more pop-ups stating 'well, it pays for our server bills'.  We all know that it pays for a whole lot more than that.  These sites should realize that displaying unwanted garbage on someone's screen is coming to an end, so deal with it instead of pestering people about it.  All good things, including those annoyances, come to an end. Not to be forgotten are fans of Reggae and Reggaeton.  There is also a huge selection of playlist compilations with your favorite funk from the islands.  Just go to our search page, type in the keyword 'reggae', and click the circle next to genre in the Search By field.  This will bring up all the titles related to that search term. If you're an emcee with raw talent, we also offer instrumental mixtapes with popular industry beats.  Use these mp3 files to freestyle over and make your own hit records.  As always, everything on the site is free to stream and download! Wherever you are, you can pull up the site to start writing and rhyming.  No excuses!

Established in January of 2002, this web site was one of the first on the internet to give users the hottest free mp3 downloads the streets had to offer.  This has and forever will be the number one place on the planet for music. You may have noticed others out there on the web very similar to us.  Let it be known, as our slogan is written, we are the originators of this.  Everything else is just a carbon copy, but you will notice that those morons flood your sscreen with unwanted advertisements.  They give you the same song and dance 'we live off this, this is how we pay our server bills'.  Beware, those losers also submit all your information to a bunch of tele-marketing agencies, so if you wonder where all those unknown phone calls are suddenly coming from, now you know.  Our site has no annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, pop-unders, absolutely none of that.  We will never share any of your personal information with 3rd parties.

Check out all the many different genres you can listen to such as west coast, down south, east coast, the dirty dirty, r&b, hip hop, instrumental, pop, slow jams, easy-going records, jazz, and many others.  You might stumble upon other sites that offer you a single mp3 at time.  This can become tiresome as you have to constantly scroll and scroll just to find one decent track.  Our people work with only the best DJs that compile the newest playlist given to you on professional mixtapes. We all know that time really flies by when surfing the web.  Why waste those valuable hours continuously searching every possible outlet only to come up with a few files to add to your favorite's list. Here you will find everything you have been looking for within a few clicks of the mouse.

The music on our web site is all converted into mp3 format.  This will ensure the files are compatible with just about every electronic device capable of playing the universally used format.  The tracks on each compilation are encoded separately, so you can easily switch between songs. All mp3 files are encoded between the bit-rates of 128kbps and 256kbps. One of the best aspects of our web site is that most tracks are converted to a variable bit-rate. What is a variable bit-rate you may ask? This technology ensures that every second of your mp3 is at it's optimal sound quality and file size.  By doing this, you will only use the required hardware resources and storage of your device.  You can rest easily knowing that there is no over-kill involved in this process.  Some people might think that the highest bit-rate of 320kbps is optimal. Many other sites use this memory hog.  This constant rate should not be used as it uses up much more storage space than is needed.  It also bogs down your hardware resources that could cause choppy playback and slow loading time.  Not only do these other sites cram up your browsing experience with unwanted ads, but they also overload your storage. We always make sure that all files are at their optimal settings, so you can use that extra space for pictures, videos, memories, notes, documents, apps, etc.

Make sure to stop back daily as we are always adding mixtapes containing the newest free music downloads before anyone else. Don't wait around for one track at a time! Coming here you can browse through many compilations full of hit records. If you are looking to have your work featured on our web site, we have an upload feature that allows you to do that. Our upload interface is very easy to use, so you can be sharing and broadcasting your music to everyone free of charge! Other sites will charge you a fee for this because they think they are doing you a favor.  You're the one with the music bringing in all the traffic.  Why would we ever charge a fee?! That's just another reason to stay away from those cheap scam artists.  To find out more information about this awesome feature, please go here.  This free upload account will not give you access to the premium members area.

How mixtapes are beneficial to the consumer

Artists use the internet as a cost effective way to distribute their music.  It's free to the consumer and costs much less than pressing up the media and releasing it through retail outlets. They also use this format as a way to keep their fans interested in their art. We have an official section on our web site where you can find many of these free music download projects. If you're a fan of records from back in the day, there is also an older section containing these types of releases. Also, remember that we are mobile compatible.  Our mobile responsive web site will look great on your mobile browser.


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