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Welcome to the hottest spot on the planet for music.  You will find that our site is #1 in free mp3 download sites.  No other website out there brings you the music that we have to offer.  We have a large selection of music by artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Boosie Badazz, Jeezy, Young Thug, Ashanti, Beyonce, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Desiigner, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Travi$ Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Eric Bellinger, Ariana Grande, Kent Jones, Dave East, Kid Ink, Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, and so much more.  One of the best features of the website is while listening to your favorite mixtapes there are absolutely no annoying pop-up ads, commercial videos, site redirects, etc.  You are here to stream the newest records out, so we will not ruin that experience by bombarding you with ridiculous advertisements that you constantly have to click off.  If you think installing ad-block software will help, some of those sites have begun to catch on and display pop-ups asking you to turn-off your ad block software.  Once you disable ad block on that particular site to stop that annoying pop-up, they can continue to show you more ads that you probably could care less about while searching for mixtapes.  You will not find any of that nonsense coming from our site.  We bring you the best layout, graphic design, and music listening experience on the planet.

There are many different genres you will find while browsing the site such as Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, East Coast, Dirty South, West Coast, Pop, Reggaeton, and more.  If you are an up and coming emcee and looking for industry beats to lay down some vocals on, we also got you covered on that.  You can use the site's search engine and search by keyword 'instrumental' to display results of instrumental mixtapes with popular industry beats.  Once you find exactly what you are looking for, it's time to jump in the studio and start recording!  If you need some lyrical influence on your skill, there are many products to look over that contain freestyles.  This should be a very easy find, as 90% of the material on the site contain the industry's top emcees freestyling over some of the most popular beats out.  After you acquire the inspiration needed to taylor your own skills and are finally finished with your musical work in the studio, head on over to our upload page.  Here, you can submit your mixtapes by filling out the short online application asking a little about yourself, your background, and cover artwork for your finished project.  Once approved, you will be able to upload your material and have the hosting done free courtesy of us.  There is no fee involved for the service and you will be able to share your tracks with family, friends, fans, and business associates with our astounding professional layout.  If you are out with a group of friends and want to get your freestyle on, just pull out your smart phone and load our site on your mobile browser.  Premium members have quick access to their favorite mixtapes.  Everyone today has a smart phone, so there are no excuses as to why you are not ready to battle someone else, whether it be a friend or foe.

One of the best features we offer users that we like to boast about is that most of the free mp3 downloads are encoded with a variable bit-rate.  It seems like many artists and DJs like to drop releases that have the mp3 files encoded at a 320Kbps bit-rate.  Time and time again, we try to tell them that this bit-rate is overkill.  It takes up almost twice the space needed with absolutely no difference in quality or sound compared to mixtapes that were encoded with a variable bit-rate.  So, when fans are running out of storage space and are looking to free up memory, those absurdly large folders containing your 320Kbps mp3 files will stick out like a sore thumb.  Those folders will be looked at as a possible product to be deleted.  This is bad for the DJs and music artists as they could lose some fans.  Using a variable bit-rate allows users to store almost twice the amount of tunes with the exact same sound quality.  When it comes time to free up space, at least an artist's mixtapes would not be erased because the files were too large.  Although, we would like to mention that not all free music downloads on the website are encoded with a variable bit-rate, some are between 128Kbps and 192Kbps.  There may also be a few titles that are at the 320Kbps, but you be can assured that almost all products use the variable rate.

Founded in January of 2002, this .com address was the first of it's kind.  There are many others that have copied us along the way, but all they do is slam your screen with pop-ups, video advertisements, and whatever other way they can annoy you.  They also carry mixtapes that have terrible artwork.  How serious is an artist about their music if they have horrible graphics? It would seem as if they put little effort into the cover design, the same would hold true for their music.  The first way to entice people into clicking on your talent is by having awesome artwork.  Most of these other copy cats also have a horrible, ugly presentation of their own website.  We are the originators of the online game and have helped to open doors for many upcoming music artists.  Back in the day, we even gave albums and tracks to some of these DJs for their mixtapes way before any of the material was released to the public.  Some of those DJs did not even thank us for helping them out.  That was over a decade ago and how did they have the favor returned to them? They are not around anymore.  All these other duplicates are just a copy of the boss.  It is nothing new to see others come around and steal our content, claiming it to be theirs.  That is one thing about the internet, everybody claims they are original, but are far from it.  Our site began by moving official products for artists to consumers.  None of these other download sites can even say they did that.

Mixtapes and how they work for the emcee

One of the many benefits of these compilations is that upcoming music artists can use them as a way to establish their foot work in the recording business.  It can help them gain recognition from the streets as well as their friends and family.  The cost depends on how much work and studio time they are willing to put into the project.


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