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Welcome to Buymixtapes.com! We offer you the best in modern ways of listening to music.

Forget about CDs and DVDs that are prone to scratches and loss of your music albums. Download free mixtapes using your computer or Android/iOS compatible device. Our site features some of the biggest names in the music industry, with the likes of: Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lloyd Banks, Camron, Drake, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross are just a few to mention. Here we have an open door policy where new artists in the music industry are promoted with an amazing global best leading free mixtape site. The mixtapes on our site are done by professional and highly experienced DJs. You will not want to turn them off the moment you hear them.

     We are and will remain the most popular destination for all genres of music, from rnb to hip hop. You name it, we got it. We are the bridge between artists and their fan base with the largest community of DJs. Get yourself in the mixtape community by joining us today to download and customize your favorite playlist now. It is very simple, easy, and full of fun. Membership begins the moment you join, and we promise superb services and no hidden costs whatsoever!

     Buymixtapes was born in the year 2002 and within a short time gained popularity very quickly, becoming the only source online for the best mixtapes available. For over a decade, we have been providing top of the line entertainment services. Don't think for a second that we are slowing down anytime soon. We are just getting started and will have more mixtape services to come! We were aware from the start that others would try to copy our idea, thats why from the time we began, we knew that the only way to deal with them is to ensure first class services for our growing community. This with the first class services we provide for our members has made us remain the best mixtape site around. We have been very steadfast in ensuring that the members personal computers and storage are not filled with spammy and annoying ads.

     Some of these copy cats use 320kbps mp3 encoding. 320Kbps sounds exactly the same as 192Kbps. This high bit-rate of 320Kbps definitely takes up a huge amount of storage space and downloads are unbelievably sluggish making clients impatient and annoyed. Imagine a situation where downloading a mixtape takes hours to download! The result would be that storage used is doubled. Your mobile devices and PCs are forced to take up more hardware resources than is necessary, making it even more annoying. Our encoding is between 128kbps - 192kbps and depends on what the DJ or artists make available to us. We use variable bitrates when encoding mp3 tracks which ensures you are receiving the best quality at all times. All this makes sure that our members enjoy first class services without affecting their PCs performance in the process, giving them what they deserve. 320kbps is in itself overkill! This terribly high bitrate should be avoided at any given time.

     Our new site comes with mobile screen compatibility for smart phones and tablet PCs. Our candy shop design will actually fit very nicely on your mobile screen as well as your computer screen. Make sure you share this experience with your friends and have them enjoy the latest technology in music. Let them also experience the best in quality customer service currently on the net.

What are the benefits of mixtapes?

     Mixtapes give you that rare opportunity to enjoy the music that you really want. Imagine a situation where you buy one of your favorite music artist's albums, only to find that out of about twelve songs, you only like four songs. You would be disappointed and feel as though you have wasted your money. With our site, that does not need to be a worry for you anymore; you only download the songs you love from the best artists. Our site will save you time and cut the cost of traveling to your local music store. Put together by some of the most professional DJs around, our mixtapes ensure that the released music is not only the latest but also the hottest in the streets. Sometimes listening to just one type of music becomes boring. Thats where mixtapes come in, giving you a variety of music that will keep you on track at any time!

     We only carry professional DJs at Buymixtapes.com. These DJs mix together compilations that contain the best music available at any given moment. They have the ability of being the first ones to get their hands on the latest music since they have a direct connection with the artist or music labels. Mixtapes are also used by major record labels to release their label artist's music to the general public with minimal and sometimes no cost at all. With this, the labels can determine which of the recorded tracks they will be releasing as a single to the public. This will ensure to the record labels that the songs released on mixtapes will become major hit records. They can also make use of this in gauging the type of feedback they receive about their music artists. This has become a valuable way for new artists to become very popular almost overnight!

     For the purpose of assisting in setting the mood, mixtape DJs release different types of music from; hip hop, rnb, party, reggae, blend, southern, etc. They usually contain music from assorted artists so you will never get bored of the same artist or same type of music. Some of the mixtapes are far better than the actual artist's album, and since most of them are freebies, you actually have much to gain and nothing to lose. All you would need is listening time and an internet connection! Mixtapes are available in many places, but we carry the best mixtapes. Be careful with most of the other copycat mixtape sites for they will wash you with so many unnecessary ads that you will become fed up with all the unneccsary advertisements. Be sure to check us out today and we promise that you will not be disappointed. We take care of our site and ensure you the best mixtape experience around!

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