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Welcome to the hottest music spot on the internet and the best in free mp3 download sites.  You will find a very large assortment of tracks in the genres of hip hop, r&b, dirty south, street rap, west coast, reggae, east coast, blends, instrumentals, freestyles, and more while browsing the website. Be sure to check out the latest music by artists such as 21 Savage, Fetty Wap, Monty, Rick Ross, Machine Gun Kelly, Rihanna, Jim Jones, Max B, French Montana, Boosie Badazz, Future, Nipsey Hussle, Fabolous, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, and the list just goes on.  Streaming mixtapes on the site is always free, but some of the downloads will require you to have a premium membership.  Becoming a premium member also has it's many benefits, such as complete access to everything on the site including some products not available to free users.  Other perks include the ability to download single tracks to your computer or mobile device, creating your own favorite's playlist, multiple transfers at once, download manager supported, and a few others.  We bring you a professional layout with no annoying ads to constantly click off.  Advertisements are well known to ruin your browsing and listening experience because all they do is jam up your screen with unwanted material.  You are here to listen to music, not watch commercials about lasik surgery.

This site was started in 2002 and quickly became one of the most favorite places in the world to aquire the newest mixtapes containing the best in free mp3 downloads the streets were looking for.  It was not long before others copied what we were doing, but if you notice, their sites have a very poor design or constantly nag you with ads. One thing is for sure, we have never bombed your screen with advertisements. Be careful of these other sites that ask for all your personal information, as they will share it with 3rd party ad agencies and telemarketing companies. We only require you to fill out your info if you are looking to become a premium member. That info is used to make sure the transaction is not fraudulent and to make sure you receive a copy of your login info, as well as a receipt in your e-mail. We never will and have no intentions of sharing your personal information. No one here has time for that. We have better things to do, such as keeping you up to date with the latest mixtapes to hit the streets and internet. That job itself requires practically all of our time and effort.

Everything on our site is done in a professional manner.  All music files are converted to the widely used mp3 format.  We use a variable bit-rate, as this is the most efficient way to handle the conversion process.  Using this format, you can be sure that your music files have the best sound quality, while saving you storage space on your computer or mobile product.  Many artists and DJs still use the 320Kbps format, which is overkill.  This method takes up more storage space than is required.  They might not realize when a user needs to free up space on their storage device, they are going to look at which mixtapes are using up the most megabytes.  If they see a folder that is rather large, this may cause them to delete that folder.  The artist or DJ does not benefit from this at all, as they could have just lost one of their fans.  Over time, many users could possibly do the same.  This could result in the artist losing many of their connected fans.  If they would have used the best variable bit-rate possible when converting their music to mp3 format in the first place, this could have helped the consumer in having more memory available to store their favorite mixtapes.  The artist will have also seen that they have kept their consumers happy by not having a folder that is excessively large with their work.

One thing you will notice is that our site only carries the best products.  Other sites offer features with poor artwork.  This makes people think you put little to no effort in your music.  We understand that there are many aspiring musicians that would like to have their work also available for others to hear.  If you put all that time into making records, why not spend a little bit of money in making your presentation look nice.  Bad artwork just makes your tracks look just as bad.  This results in very few people, if any, showing interest in your music.  There are many graphic designers out there that specialize in cover artwork that will put together an impressive design for under one hundred dollars.  If you are looking to have your mixtapes featured on our site, please be sure to at least have a professionally designed cover.  We will take care of hosting your product free, so that you will have no problem showcasing your efforts to your family, friends, and fans.

The site is mobile responsive, which means it will look great on your mobile device, so be sure to check the .com address daily wherever you may be.  We are always adding the best in free music downloads.  It seems as though people waste much of their valuable time browsing the internet for pointless reasons.  Your life is valuable, so don't waste more of it by hunting around for single tracks at a time.  Our site saves you precious hours by bringing your ears mixtapes full of the hottest current music.  Whether you just want to kick back, relax, and listen to favorites in your bedroom or download tracks to save on your monthly bandwidth usage, our premium membership is the best option.  Find out more info about becoming a premium member here.

Mixtapes and how they can help you out

Musicians put many long, hardworking hours into producing their final product.  In the meantime, their fans are waiting in anticipation of some new music.  Many consumers do not know how good or bad an artist's album will be once released through retail outlets.  The best way to keep their fans attention is by using mixtapes.  This will help to please their audience and if the album is not received as good, at least they have these music compilations to fall back on.  We hope that you enjoy your experience on the site, as we put long hours into making this the best site for all of your music entertainment needs at home or when you're on the go.


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