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You have just landed on the best website the internet has to offer for the newest songs with the hottest free music available to stream and download free on your computer or mobile device! Our site has the cleanest design out there for ease of use and navigation through our stockpile of free music downloads assembled by professional DJs. If you are a fan of recording industry artists such as Rick Ross, Future, Rich Homie Quan, Fetty Wap, The Dream, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Rita Ora, Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke, Jordan Sparks, and many other of today's leading performers, then you're in the right place to find the latest tracks by these and many more. One thing that our site does not offer are annoying banner ads, pop-ads, video ads, etc. Who wants to waste their time constantly clicking ads off the screen when you want to be clicking through music to listen to. All you reggae and reggaeton fans out there will be pleased to know that we also offer playlist compilations with this music as well. If you're an up and coming emcee and are looking for commercial beats to write rhymes to or lay some lyrics down on wax, you will also see instrumental tracks with tons of the hottest beat tracks available. Since we have such a large collection of music, we have DJ releases as far back as 2002. Remember, all products are a free music download!

Our website first came about in the year 2002 and we were one of the first free mp3 download sites. We have been and always will be the best site out there for the hottest tracks that are released on the streets. There are many others that have came along and copied our ideas, but they also offer music that is complete garbage. They also ruin your listening experience with tons of unwanted advertisements. On our site, we only carry the best and as you will see, have no ads whatsoever. There are many genres to choose from including east coast, hip hop, dirty south, street rap, soul, r&b, west coast, reggae, easy listening, contemporary, instrumental, and the list just goes on. All of this is free with completely no ads! There are also other sites or services that allow you to stream music, but you have to scroll through tons of unwanted songs just to find what you are looking for. We work with top DJs to compile you the best playlist. No need to dig and search for tracks. Why make a favorite's list one track at a time when you can have your favorite's contain professional playlists mixed by the hottest DJs around the world. This should be your final destination for the best free music out giving you hours of listening pleasure, relaxation, and enjoyment.

All music found on our website is converted into the universal mp3 file format, so you can play the files on virtually any device. All products are encoded track-by-track so you can switch between each song very easily. The tracks are encoded between the bit-rates of 128kbps and 256kbps, it all depends on what the DJs send us. One of the major features of our site is that many of the audio tracks are encoded with a variable bit-rate. This is the optimal setting as it gives you the highest possible quality, while optimizing and saving you storage on your computer's hard drive or mobile device's memory card. With a variable bit-rate you are also optimizing your device's hardware performance. Many other sites have mp3 files with bit-rates of 320kbps. That high of a bit-rate is not needed at all because it will use up more storage space and require much more performance from your hardware that can cause slow loading time or choppy playback. Use all the extra space you save with a variable bit-rate to store more music, pictures, videos, and whatever else you would use the added storage for. You will definitely be satisfied with your computer or mobile devices performance, as well as the much needed storage space.

We are constantly updating our website with the newest funk on the streets or internet. Log-on daily, so you can be sure to check out what's new. Why settle for one hit at time when you can have a fire playlist release full of new music. Many of you are looking to download free music and have just found the best place to do just that. Are you looking to have your songs available for others to share and download? There is also an upload feature that will allow you to do just that. We will host it on our web servers free of charge. This will allow you to let all your fans, friends, and relatives stream and download your musical efforts very easily with absolutely no annoying ads. Want to find out more about this awesome function? Just click here, and browse on over to the application for obtaining a free upload account. Almost everyone is approved and once you receive your login details to submit your song, you will find the transfer interface very easy to use. Please note that a free upload account will not allow access to our premium members area.

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned about a premium membership. So, you may wonder "What is a premium membership and what are the benefits?" A premium membership gives you full access to the website with no limitations. Some of the benefits include; there are no download speed limitations, the ability to add your favorite prdocuts to your account's favorite's list allowing you to build your own playlist of hits, no waiting between transfers, you do not need to enter an access code to download, you can download single songs, and transfer multiple files at once. We have many loyal premium members and hope that you also think about becoming one. It helps to keep the web site free because who wants to put up with advertisements. You came here to enjoy, listen to, and download music online, not constantly click annoying ads off your screen.

What is all the hype about mixtapes you might wonder

Many of today's popular industry recording artists release music that you will not find on their retail album. They also will do this to build up hype for their next retail release or to just keep in touch with their fan base. You can find many of these releases in the "official" section of our web site. We also have older products with some of your favorite songs from back in the day. You might think to yourself that this web site has it all and what can't be found here? We hope you enjoy your experience with us as we strive to bring you the best possible service out there.


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