Free MP3 Downloads

Music is one of the best forms of entertainment there is.  You can listen to it in the privacy of your own home or you can jam to your favorite tunes while driving home after a long day at work.  It helps to set the mood for whatever you are feeling at that moment.  If you are throwing a party, the best way to liven up the people is to put on some music.  Maybe you are looking to set the tone to start off a romantic evening with that special someone in mind.  All that you need for these situations can be found on our site in the form of mixtapes.  We have many different genres of free mp3 downloads, so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.
     Since we started, there have been other services that have popped up along the way.  Many of these companies only offer free music streaming with the option to play the songs locally without the need for an internet connection.  The downside to this is that once you decide you want to cancel your account, you lose all access to the music, even the tracks you downloaded.  That does not happen when you become a premium member on our site.  Any mixtapes that you download are yours to retain.  If you decide to cancel your service with us, no worries, you get to keep all of your free mp3 downloads.  As long as you always have a copy on hand, you will never lose your songs.  Do what you like with the tracks.  Any playlist you have can be transfered between computers, smart phones, iPads, tablet PCs, etc.  You can even burn them to CD.  Some of these other streaming companies, such as Tidal, also seem very hard to navigate in order to find the music you are looking for.  Our site is up front with your needs and simple to use.  Just click or tap on any of the mixtapes and you will see a compilation of free mp3 downloads that our premium members can transfer to their device.  These products can be anywhere from 18 - 40+ tracks.  You have a much wider selection rather than going back and forth between screens looking at just one song at a time.  This would seem to be much easier to use rather than hunting and pecking through each individual track to add to a playlist.  Why not bring up new releases that contain new songs you would be interested in? We work with professional DJs, so you can be sure all of the mixtapes on the site are compiled in a professional manner.  Our employees make every effort to ensure each of the free mp3 downloads are encoded at the optimal settings to ensure maximum quality while using your storage space efficiently.
     Whether you are at home relaxing in bed or using public transit to get where you need to go, our site has you covered for all of your musical needs.  Just load our website on your mobile browser, plug in your headphones, and you are all set.  Also, we do not carry any annoying ads to ruin your browsing experience while listening to mixtapes.