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Application to Upload Mixtapes

You have found our site and now want to have your music featured on one of the best out there.

  This is where you would begin to submit all of your time and hard work!

We are looking for professional DJs and music artists!

Have you seen our site and are wondering how you can have your music featured on the hottest site out there? It's actually very easy and unlike other web sites that charge you a ridiculous fee, we don't charge you anything. There is absolutely no fee at all to have your work featured on our site! All the other sites are junk anyways and are just a copy of the originators, trying to be like us. We know that you spent many, long hours crafting your mixtapes. You're the one bringing in the traffic, so why would we charge you a fee? We do ask that you have professional artwork done. You want people to be interested in your music, so please have interesting cover art.

To get started, just fill out the short application below. Once we review it and you are approved, we will e-mail you all the details needed to log into your free upload account. There you will be able to manage all of your uploaded files from the control panel. The best part about having this account is that you will be able to share your mixtapes with family, friends, and fans. They can access your URLs anywhere with either their computer or mobile device. Remember, all of this is free. We do the hosting for you, so you will not have to worry about bandwidth fees.

Please input the code seen on the image below.

*This upload account will not give you access to the premium members area. This account will only allow you to upload, manage, and submit your mixtapes to