are one of today's primary sources of discovering new talent. Since streaming services have emerged, it is easier than ever for music artists to be heard by a mass amount of people at once. It would seem as though anybody can produce a hit record without need for much promotion. It was only a few years ago that heavy promotion was required through hard copy distribution, radio shows, DJs, concerts, handing out flyers, word of mouth, and any of way of getting the word out on the street about a new artist. Back in the early 2000's using DJ Whoo Kid mixtapes. was one of the best ways to get a foot in the door with a record label. One of Whoo Kid's most popular artist's that he helped out immensely was 50 Cent and his G-Unit entourage.
     A DJ is not really needed nowadays for promotion like they were needed back in the day as a main priority of distribution. One of the most popular ways for an upcoming artist to be heard nowadays is by generating buzz for a song, then eventually making a video and uploading it to YouTube. Music artists can also use that Google owned website to generate revenue. They will pay out any user one thousand dollars per million views, as long as the content is original and not copyrighted. Nicki Minaj, who started on mixtapes, generates a ton of income by using YouTube. Check out this video she made with Fendi and The Come Up DVD. Anybody can get in on the financial benefits by creating an account with google then choosing to monetize your video channel. The best time to start is now because you cannot begin to generate money until you have at least one thousand subscribers to your page. If you do not have the assets to find a producer for your music, you can always browse the instrumental compilations on our site. We have many products that contain beats from today's hottest music. The only thing is that you will not be able to monetize these videos as they contain copyrighted instrumentals, but it is a great way to start your music career in the music industry.
     Many of today's current artists are now releasing mixtapes through the various online streaming services. Some of you may not know this, but we were the first to do this in 2002 by offering free mp3 downloads. This is before Spotify and all the other sites that you see have copied off us. Our website still brings you a better user experience than the others. The graphical layout is better and much easier to navigate. All of the files on the site are encoded at a variable bit-rate, so that you receive the highest possible audio quality while maximizing space efficiency on your computer or mobile device. That means you will be able store more mixtapes without deleting videos, pictures, or other music that you will probably want to keep. That is a big plus over iTunes and other services as they encode their files at the highest overkill bit-rate of 320k. This results in a file size much larger than is needed and will really diminish the memory on your device quickly. If there is something you are looking to add to the site, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by the online customer service e-mail form. We will see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

    1. ::: DJ Denise || Hard House | Funky House || San Francisco | CA | USA :::
    DJ Denise: biography, calendar of future shows, past shows, audio & video samples, mix tapes, CDs, pictures, and more

    2. __________RANSOM : DOMAIN
    Domain for ransom. Info on Djing, production, etc.

    3. << eGlowsticks.com >>
    << eGlowsticks.com >>

    4. <<< DJ Nth - Trance Gangsta - WWW.DJNTH.COM >>>
    Trance Gangsta Epic Melodic Hard Trance and House DJ and Producer”> <META NAME=

    5. 079
    The life and times of Jorge Mir.

    6. ReverbNation
    ReverbNation.com is one of the top music sites for new and upcoming music artists. If you are looking for internet exposure, you definately want to check out this site as it carries all different genres of music.

    7. Atrocity Exhibition: Music News & Reviews
    Atrocity Exhibition: Music News & Reviews

    8. aum supreme
    aum supreme dance party music underground electronic laptop montreal indie independent aum supreme aum supreme party party party dance dance dance

    9. b2bYellowpages.com - B2B Yellow Pages, Business to Business Search Engine and Directory
    B2B (Business to Business) yellow pages and search engine. Allows buyers and sellers to easily search, locate or advertise companies for their product and service needs.

    10. Baltimore Clubtracks - Home of DJ Technics
    Baltimore Clubtracks - Home of DJ Technics

    11. BarbersOnlyMagazine

    12. BeatConscious: A Music Appreciation Site for Electronic Music
    BeatConscious: A Music Appreciation Site for Electronic Music

    14. Bookless

    15. brainwashed dot com
    brainwashed dot com

    16. broadband Ireland, Irish flat rate Internet at Ireland's leading ISP - eircom.net
    broadband Ireland and Irish flat rate Internet access are available through eircom.net. Other channels include motoring Ireland, music downloads Ireland and many more.

    17. Bunky Music - Your Online Music Source
    Diverse catalog of music for advertising, television programs, radio, movies, and new media. Includes music created at Bunky Music and around the world. Extensive list of music resources.

    18. Dallas Texas, Dallas Websites :: Dallas Texas Cool Websites, Cool Web Sites Organization - Cool Flash, Cool Web Sites! CoolWebsites.Org is still 100% virtually lint free cool flash websites. Looking for cool flash website design? The best cool websit
    Cool Web Sites - CoolWebSites.Org 100% virtually lint free- The only Cool Site Awards from Dallas Texas, the oldest Cool site awards from Texas

    19. Dan Efex
    Dan Efex

    20. Dankfunk dot com
    Dankfunk dot com

    23. DiatribeR.com-->

    24. DIGILANDER - Le pagine personali di Digiland
    DIGILANDER - Le pagine personali di Digiland

    25. digitalmediatree

    26. Digitalnoise.net :: We'll slang ur sh*t!
    Well slang ur sh*t!

    27. dj forums - The Center of Electronic Music Culture
    The definitive online dj community on the web! Where beginner to expert club djs come to discuss music, equipment and techniques, also a great resource for news, reviews and events listings.

    28. DJ Rapture - Musical Bliss
    Welecome to musical bliss...DJ Raptures home site filled with emotional trance music free for download, mp3s and realaudio.

    29. DJ R-Type: San Francisco Hardcore
    DJ R-Type: San Francisco Hardcore

    30. DJ Wally Sparks * Enter
    DJ Wally Sparks * Enter

    31. DJ_INYOUNG>>>The_Official_Site

    32. donewaiting.com /::/ think globally rock locally
    Music criticism and surveillance from a collection of writers around the globe.

    33. Don't Feed The Writer
    Dont Feed The Writer is, as the title suggests, a writing site. Within it one will find many different writings, including poetry, fanfiction, original short stories, and much more. There are also sections that, while not particularly pertaining to writing, may interest writers in general.

    34. echoes.com

    35. eta.org

    36. Fast, Easy and FREE Webpages at Webspawner.com
    The fast, easy, and free way to create webpages using webspawners simple webpage builder. Create a free webpage, make a website for your business, build a webpage to share personal interests, or just design your own homepage in cyber space. Our free webpage builder template makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to create fast, easy, and free webpages. No programming knowledge or experience is needed.

    37. FBi Radio 94.5FM
    FBi Radio 94.5FM

    38. Fimoculous.com: Feeding On Itself
    Fimoculous.com: Feeding On Itself

    39. FIZZLE.likea.FLOOD

    40. GlobalGuest Free Guestbook Service - free guestbooks for your webpages
    Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, email notification and language filter. Easy to install and setup including free support.

    41. Go Ventures
    Go Ventures

    42. GodsHipHopHouse.com
    Gods Hip Hop House. Info On Christian Rap and Hip-Hop Artists. Formerly Called Gods Rap Sheet.

    43. granolaboy.net

    45. Hochschule Mittweida (FH) - University of Applied Sciences
    Hochschule Mittweida (FH) - University of Applied Sciences

    46. home.cwru.edu

    Your mixtape headquaters, featuring the best in hiphop,reggae,r&b,jazz,house, and gospel music. Sample realaudio clips before you purchase.

    48. http://www.djfreya.com
    The DJ Freya website.

    49. Hyperreal Music Archive
    The Hyperreal Music Archive is a comprehensive collection of resources centered around contemporary electronic dance music: techno, house, jungle, etc., plus ambient music.

    50. hypersoundtech.com

    51. I Like Productions
    I Like Productions

    52. ICQ.com - Get ICQ instant messenger, chat, people search and messaging service!
    Welcome to ICQ, the largest multi lingual community on the Web! Download ICQ, meet new friends, find old pals and get together with people around the world!

    53. Image World - internet
    Image World - internet

    54. index
    a site by Deejays Winos & Herbalists

    55. INDEX

    56. Info-Galore.com - online business services,shopping techstore bookstore
    Info galore.com the superhighway information source to most major online merchants deals and business services

    57. JasonBlakemore.com & LifeMusic.net
    JasonBlakemore.com & LifeMusic.net

    58. Koto is still alive
    Koto is still alive

    59. Kysmet

    60. largehearted boy, a boy, a girl and his radio
    a boy, a girl and his radio

    61. lindsayism.com

    64. mass art: community pages
    mass art: community pages

    65. Meier´s No.4
    Meier´s No.4

    68. Mixtaper - create and share mixtapes online
    Mixtaper - create and share your own internet mixtape from a playlist. Discuss Emusic and other music download services

    69. MMM - music, mirth and madness with rob roy
    MMM - music, mirth and madness with rob roy

    70. MonkeyFilter

    71. moontribe
    Website for the Moontribe Collective

    72. Musicking

    73. NationalDirectory - Search Engine
    NationalDirectory - Search Engine

    74. NodeWorks Directory
    NodeWorks Directory

    75. p a r t i c l e m a n . . . Here at particleman.org, we stand for things.
    all the rage in procrastination.

    76. pHinnWeb - Finnish electronic music
    Finnish techno, electronic dance music

    77. pHinnWeb - Finnish electronic music
    Finnish techno, electronic dance music

    78. PrimaryHub.com - Welcome To Primary Hub
    Featuring small business resources and tools, from starting a business to ecommerce, web marketing, and generating traffic online. Proudly serving Arizona and BEYOND!

    79. PureAcid.com

    80. red elephant
    red elephant



    84. Sewer Sounds
    Sewer Sounds

    85. Silent Uproar
    Silent Uproar is a music news site for artists and bands out of the mainstream. We offer a wide variety of news that is updated at least twice a day, along with contests, release dates, and downloads.

    86. SISTER SF
    Sister: a female DJ, MC and performer collective from San Francisco and the Bay Area who spin jungle, techno, house, drumnbass, hip hop, trance, gabber, breaks and downtempo. Their mission: Not anti-male, simply pro-female.

    87. starla.org - celestial smashing pumpkins sites
    starla.org - celestial smashing pumpkins sites

    88. The Good Friar Welcomes You
    DJ Friar Tuck

    89. Tiny Mix Tapes
    Tiny Mix Tapes

    90. Top
    Slider.com is one of the fastest growing search engines on the internet, with a directory, full text, encyclopedia and product search.

    91. triconet.org

    92. Tuck In Your Shirt
    Three dudes who just cant keep their mouths shut, focused on exploiting the humor and tragedy deep inside a variety of issues, mainstream and otherwise.

    93. welcome to the reckankomplex v.2.6 - august 2004.
    welcome to the reckankomplex v.2.6 - august 2004.

    94. Whew Directory
    A directory service with data from the Open Directory Project. Has over 590,000 categories and also includes a thumbnail snapshot preview picture of each site.

    THE SILENT KILLAH DJ LEX ONLINE! Order his smoking mixtapes, wholesale orders only, email him...

    96. zero two five six four dot net
    zero two five six four dot net. definitely something.

    97. Alexa Ranking
    Alexa information for this website

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