Importance of free download mixtapes

50centMusic in the hip hop and rap genre are used today to break new artists. Unknown or well-established artists use these to hopefully land a recording contract with a major record label.  In today’s hip hop music industry, it is a must even for signed music artists to release these.  This helps to keep the artists relevant with their fans and also remind them that they still have what it takes to make hit records.  Many artists also release these tapes in between their album releases to hype up their retail efforts.  Sometimes, if not most of the time, these are better and more in tune with the artist’s emotions then their retail album. This is because many of the record companies want their music to be album specific and liked by the general population.  These contain raw and uncut music that may not be suitable for an album, so it is released on a mixtape.
These have been around for a very long time and artists have been making these for a long time.  Artists were being signed before him.  Several even claim to have invented these. However, most of the artists claim otherwise.  Some artists like 50 Cent made such claims which was highly incorrect.

Many aspiring hip hop musicians use mixtapes to help boost their career.  They use them as a way for their music to be heard.  By offering them as free, these tapes can reach a wider range of audiences.  Anyone that is serious about their music career will use these to help establish them in their local community, city, state or even worldwide by means of the internet.  Although these works mostly contain hip hop and rap music, some r&b artists have also used these free commpilations to establish themselves.  The popularity of these tapes is increasing day by day and music artists all over the world are realizing their importance.

All of these free download mixtapes were hosted by DJ Whoo Kid who was just as famous as G-Unit at the time.  50 Cent’s fame helped launch Whoo Kid’s DJ Career.  50 Cent went on to have an excellent career in music even though it did not last as long as anticipated.  Most of his wealth was acquired from Vitamin Water which was sold to Coca-Cola for 4 billion dollars.  His share in the health drink was 250 million dollars.  50 Cent also went on to release a retail hip hop album with his G-Unit crew entitled ‘Beg for Mercy’.