A Review of Waka Flocka’s Most Recent Mixtapes

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Waka Flocka Flame releases From Roaches To Rolex


Though Waka Flocka’s has always maintained that he is not one of the traditional rappers and has no interest in being known as the lyrical artist, his recent release ‘From Roaches to Rolex’ changed the entire belief about him. He has also tremendously improved his flow and that is quite visible in the songs like ‘Took Off’. In this song, he delivers threatening words that turn more menacing as he goes on delivering his rapid cadence. He has also used his best flow on the song ‘7 Days a Week’. This song doesn’t seem to have any flaws and has been delivered with a real tightness.
Also, his overall vocal performance on the new projects has improved pretty much and this shows that he has also been practicing between his consequent releases. Still there are some songs where he uses his old yelling style- he screams from the starting to the end just like the song ‘Obituary’ that features Wooh Da Kid.
In the song ‘Ice Cream Cone’, a lot of lyrical shots have been thrown at Gucci Mane. Though he clearly stated that he was going to do a diss on the Gucci’s song but all his fans were disappointed to see no actual dissing in the mixtapes.
The things also get a little repetitive on the song ‘From Roaches to Rollies. In the songs ‘Running Them Lips’ Chazz has been featured and Waka ends up repeating the same uninventive hook. Same goes for the ‘Heavyweight’ song that features rappers Sony and Frenchie.
The improved vocal performance of Waka seems to be the only saving grace of this song and that he continues in his other songs as well like ‘Rainy Dayz’. In this a funky guitar riff has been effectively used that also fits with the improved flow of Waka. The other beats however, do not have the same level of dopeness and a lot of separation comes in between the instruments and the sounds. All this makes the project a bit unpleasant to listen some times. He also produces free releases from time to time.
However, what this tape clearly states is the underlying desire of Waka to improve and become a better rapper. Improved performance is always desired by everyone. Download music compilations of Waka and savor the performances.

The top three mixtapes of 2013




The internet and the mixtape culture go hand in hand. Any hopeful rapper or producer can reach the general public and record labels through the internet. They can also make their own labels. It can be called the breeding ground for rappers. They can release free tapes to see what kind of response is received from the general public and then they can release their final product. This is the best way to give the starving listeners a preview of what’s to come and build up anticipation for their final release.
The trend of mixtapes has breached into albums as well. The artist releases help them to get solid grounding and critical acclaim. Then they can build up from this foundation. What these tapes offer is sometimes even better than the actual retail album. They seem to be more fulfilling most of the time.
Let’s have a look at some of the most popular releases of 2013:

  • Blue Chips 2

Action Bronson and Party Supplies first came on the mixtape map in 2012 with their first ‘Blue Chips’. This project proved to be the breakout project for Bronson who had been gaining the momentum for some time. After that he released many project but none of them created much anticipation like the ‘Blue Chips’. So, when the Blue Chips sequel was released, there was a lot of anticipation amongst the fans regarding the hip hop mixtapes and they were not let down. With the 80’s classic touch, they proved that going back to the basics still pays off in the long run.

  • The Pimpire Strikes Back

Roc Marciano released free projects before the release of his full length album. He portrayed the good and the bad that he has actually lived. It is a completely fresh take as compared to the other musical works released. And, if you just want to understand what I mean, go ahead and listen to some of his tracks and I am sure you will get the knack of it.

  • Acid Rap

Chance The Rapper started with ’10 Day’ but what established him was ‘Acid Rap’ that came out in 2013. We can call this a true rap debut as he has displayed every element of his personality on the tape. He has also displayed his love for Chicago, his hometown. From slow to bursts of energy, he displayed everything in his music. This kind of versatility is rarely found.

The Mixtape Industry

Bizarre_audio_tape_1In today’s music industry many artists in the rap/hip hop genre are using mixtapes as a way of being heard by fans and record companies. These products contain a compilation of the artists work. Some producers even use this as a way for their musical production to be heard. One of the first of today’s popular artists to use this format is 50 Cent. He used them as a way for his fans to be heard and eventually signed a $1 million deal with Shady Records, which is Eminem’s label. When he released his first retail album, it sold over 8 million copies. One of the reasons it sold so many copies is because he created a buzz about his music by distributing about 5 freestyle works with his group G-Unit. His music was on many other releases put together by popular DJ’s such as DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Kayslay, DJ Clue and others. He would also guest host these projects because at the time people wanted to hear anything and everything dealing with 50 Cent.

Another one of today’s popular artists that got his start from these underground releases is Machine Gun Kelly. Before signing with Bad Boy records, he also distributed these musical efforts. Some of today’s popular artist also use this outlet to keep relevant with their fans and continue the buzz. These artists include Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Meek Mills, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and the list goes on. It’s almost mandatory by record labels for artists to constantly release music to keep their fans interested.

Many of today’s popular artists release these projects to keep relevant with their fans. These releases help to keep their buzz going so fans don’t forget about them and also to let them know they still have what it takes to be a music artist. Some of these include Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks and many many others. Too many to list. If you have ever heard of a track from your favorite artist but are not able to find it on their retail album, you can most likely find it on one of these music compilations or one of their official project releases.

Some artists also release music through these products to see what kind of buzz their music is receiving. Sometimes this will also determine their next single that will be released to retail outlets or to be played on the radio. This can help the record company save a big amount of cash determining which song is the best to be released and not release a song that will just become a flop.